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About the firm…           

Carpenter’s Property Management was founded in 1971.The location, originally in Lake Hughes, was changed to Lancaster in 1974 and later to Palmdale and has been in continuous operation to date. Robert and Carol Valdez have operated it since 1989.

Collectively, Robert and Jesse have over 45 years experience in the field of real estate management.We are not just managers but are investors too.We know what you want, we know what you need.

Robert has over 35 years experience in the Antelope Valley Real Estate market and has specialized in income property.Robert is a licensed Real Estate Broker and holds the coveted designation as a Graduate of the Realtor’s Institute.

Carol has over 24 years experience in management and has proven to be both diligent and effective in the handling of tenants and property.Additionally, she is a licensee of the State of California and a Graduate of the Realtor’s Institute.Carol is a seasoned accounting and tax professional which has provided many clients with new insights into their financial future as it relates to real estate. Note: on November 29th 2014, very suddenly and unexpectedly Carol suffered a massive heart attack and passed. We are a family business and this has left a huge vacancy in our personal and business lives. She was a tireless worker and a perfectionist, het personal clients have wept at the knowledge of her passing. The business continues with myself Robert and Jesse along with a protégé trained by Carol. She was bigger than life itself and she is sorely missed.

Jesse comes to us with an extensive background in personnel management and 11 years working in the sales/management of investment real estate. He is a graduate of UC Santa Barbara. He is also licensed broker by the Bureau of Real Estate and is experienced in Commercial, Residential, and Multi Family sales and management.

Carpenters Property Managementis licensed by the California Bureau of Real Estate.

Roberts Real Estate & Investments is our associate company and is available to you for all your sales and acquisition needs.


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A full service property management firm

The Solution to Your Income Property Management Needs

Let us take your rental worries away

All real property NEEDS real care in order to yield the most benefit for your investment dollars.With Carpenter’s, your investment becomes our investment.We serve all of our clients’ investments as if they were our own.It is our passion for providing housing that pushes us to constantly raise our measures of success.It is our desire that each client feels secure with our sound knowledge in the industry and that each interaction with us exceeds your expectations.

When your property is managed by us, expect…

1.EXPERIENCE:Immediately upon engaging us through contract, with a compliment of licensed vendors, we will inspect your property.Any deferred maintenance needs, deficiencies in health and safety requirements will be noted and recommendations will be made.

2.MARKETING:Using proven copy writing skills, we will advertise your property in the newspaper and the internet.Response to ads is generally outstanding as a result.Tenants are pre-screened in order to determine if they are gainfully employed, capable of paying the rent and modestly creditworthy.After satisfying these criteria an appointment is made to show the property.For the entire time the property is in management, we take careful steps to insure the property is maintained and its value is preserved.

3.TECHNOLOGY:Each applicant for a property is screened thoroughly using a combination of technology and proven background screening techniques.In addition to the checking of all references, information is supplied by:

·Equifax, TransUnion and Experian

·Corelogic/saferent for evictions and judgments

·A social security number trace is performed to verify stated address(s)

·County records are accessed in an effort to determine the true owner/manager of the references.

4.PROFESSIONALISM:We use only the most up-to-date forms and addendums supplied by the California Association of Realtors. These forms are updated frequently. You can expect that any prospective tenant will have in their files forms such as:

·Application to Rent

·Positive identification

·Residential Lease (1 year minimum standard for most properties)

·Move in/Move out form. This is the tenant’s certification of the property’s condition upon move in to accurately assess for damages upon vacancy.

·Other forms as required by government agencies.

We offer you practical solutions to meet your real estate investment goals.


Carpenter’s property management

affordable management fee structure

Setting a price for the world-class service you and your investment will receive is difficult. Our monthly fees represent payment for more than simply sitting behind a desk collecting your rents. We keep a close eye on the property through periodic visits to your property, coordination of vendors and repairs to the property, monthly payment of bills, timely monthly reporting outlining all transactions and a statement illustrating both month-to-date and year-to-date information and trust account balance information. Special dispensation may be granted for multiple properties and/or high-end properties.

Leasing your property is a careful process involving extensive amounts of time. The property is shown by a member of our office; each prospect is given individual attention. All documents are prepared in accordance with the recent laws and regulations as designated by California Civil code.


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